What is lenticular?

Lenticular Diagram

Lenticular is a form of printing on a plastic lens which creates multiple viewable frames that result in the illusion of 3-D depth, flips, and zooms. Lenticular printing creates unique and powerful graphics. This helps to instill brand awareness and product recognition.

How does lenticular work?

The magic behind lenticular printing is the lens - an extruded plastic sheet that is embossed with columns of tiny corrugations called lenticules, hence the name "lenticular", in lenticular extruded lens. The lenticules are all the same size and are spaced equally across the sheet. The other side of the sheet remains smooth in order to be printed upon. Although these lenticules are very small and can be difficult to see, you can feel them by dragging your finger or fingernail across the lens.

Lenticular printing overview

The lenticular print starts by “interlacing” two or more images together. Interlacing is a process that involves slicing images into extremely narrow strips and splicing them together. The strips are spaced so that a small part of each image fits within the space of one lenticule. Each individual lenticule magnifies a small portion of the image underneath it. As the viewing angle changes, the portion of the image that is magnified changes. Many lenticules work together in harmony, the end result is a complete image that changes as the viewing angle changes.

Did you know that Dynamic Drinkware lenticular cups are patented?