Premiums & Promotions

Convenience stores, retailers, and quick-serve restaurants drive in-store traffic while co-branding with their home NFL team. Not only does this sponsorship create media buzz and positive feedback, businesses also get new customers inside their stores which lead to lifetime value!


Features of Premiums Promotions

Cups & Posters Premium Promotions

Features & Benefits

  • Seven high quality, 3D animated 32oz. souvenir cups

  • POP store signage, including 3D fountain signage

  • Ability to increase net profit with your fountain sales

  • PR and Marketing support to promote the program
Fans getting cups filled with soda

Return on Investment

  • Ability to co-brand with an NFL hometown team

  • Statewide media buzz & trending social media

  • Positive feedback from current customers

  • New customers converting into lifetime value!

  • Offering an NFL team player souvenir cup

  • Self-liquidating promotion

Past Premium Promotions

Houston Texans

2016 & 2015 Premium Promotion


New Orleans Saints

2016 Premium Promotion


Green Bay Packers

2014 Premium Promotion


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